Lodestar Mediation Testimonials

 Coaching & Training Participants

  • “Excellent trainer, great at (providing) constructive feedback and tips.”
  • “Great manner and wonderful coach, sensitive to mediators and always leading with a positive comment.”
  • “Excellent trainer, quick with encouragement- spurs the student on to improving oneself.”
  • “Sharp (as in intellect) and clear. Really appreciated her ability to be direct, succinct and supportive in role-plays. Felt coached by an expert.”
  • “Practical, pragmatic advice.”
  • “Robin was succinct, to the point, empowering of mediators.”

 Mentoring Program Participants

  • “Robin is an all-around great mentor. She manages, with apparent  ease, to build trust and confidence both with the parties as well as with her mentees. Highly perceptive and sharply in tune with her surroundings, she offers honest, constructive and specific practical feedback, which in turn, motivate all those involved in mediation/the process.” Crystal L.
  • “Robin takes the role of mentor seriously, and is always looking for ways to shine new light on a situation or frame feedback with concrete suggestions and new approaches. She is also a master mediator, seamlessly engaging the parties and reframing their language with ease and clarity, and as an observer she is rock solid, reserving her observations for the debriefing, but never afraid to communicate some critical piece of information. I never felt stuck with her in the room, and coming away, always felt I learned something important.” Jim M.

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